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About Us

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About Company

This isn’t just a story about frames and prints; it’s a family love letter to memories penned on handcrafted glass. It’s the tale of two Siblings, bound by blood and by a shared passion for turning snapshots into timeless art.
Growing up in Gurgaon, our dad’s workshop was our playground. We’d inhale the sweet scent of sawdust, watch with awestruck eyes as he coaxed beauty from wood, and listen to tales of happy faces reflected in his frames. His 25-year legacy is the air we breathe, the foundation of our dreams.
For me, Manisha, it meant leaving a dream job in Ahmedabad – a comfortable, coveted path – to chase a spark ignited by Dad’s legacy. For Suraj, it meant joining me in Delhi, leaving behind familiar streets and stepping into a future we’d dreamt of together.
This, our photo framing website, is not just a website; it’s a continuation of that legacy. Each frame crafted here whispers of Dad’s meticulous touch, each bevel echoes his meticulous eye. We blend his timeless techniques with modern styles, creating frames that not only protect, but elevate your stories.
So, welcome to our family. Welcome to a space where memories transform into art.

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